Chris Brown’s Roses


Today was Chris Brown’s 31st Birthday! Happy Birthday C-Breezy! Born May 5 , 1989 in Tappahannock , Virginia as Christopher Maurice Brown. I have been a fan and followed his career over the years. A fan through the highs and blows because we do not speak of lows here!

Credit: @chrisbrownofficial

Not only is the young man a wonderful father of two to Royalty and Aeko Brown , he is also the epitome of TALENT! Watching him is a beautiful reminder of the Great Michael Jackson ! Yes! I said what I said! Chris can easily be compared to Michael Jackson. Chris has his own style of dress , a eye for art , creativity , and a spirit full of dance! Chris Brown has inspired so many just like Michael! They are both staples in many lives! Chris Brown deserves all of his success and longevity! When watching Chris you can literally feel the inspiration go up your spine! It’s a jolt of rejoice! No doubt he will go down as one of the greatest entertainers of our time! Whew! We are certainly grateful for front row seats to view transformtion in human form! C- Breezy and Young Thug have just released a mixtape titled “Slime & B”. Be sure to check it out available on all platforms ( link below) ! Lets not forget ” Indigo” was his third #1 album in the country! “Indigo” also passed over 2 billion streams across streaming platforms. Get ya bag Chris we’re here for it!

Credit: @chrisbrownofficial

Here’s a link thanks to datpiff for supplying the release ‡
Indigo Album Cover

Chris also has his dope clothing line Black Pyramid ‡

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