Product Q & A

Common product questions answered.

Can your products be used on all hair types?

YES! The method may differ but they can be used on ALL hair types.

How can I be sure the product is safe for me to use?

Products are plant based and 100 % natural however they could contain allergens be sure to read the description before purchasing. I also suggest patch testing. Apply the product on your inner forearm. If there is no irritation proceed with use.

What to do if irritation occurs?

Discontinue use and seek medical attention if needed.

What product would you recommend for my hair texture?

For thick or course hair all products can be used on wet or dry hair. Remedy Hair and Scalp Balm can be applied directly onto the scalp or hair. When applied to the hair I suggest sealing with a leave- in conditioner of your choice.

Glow Sheen is great for braids , twists , and locs! Glow sheen helps provide moisture and shine!

How can Glow Sheen be used for a loc retwist?

Shampoo locs. Spray onto roots and new growth. Retwist! The heat from the clamp and dryer holds the retwist not the product! You should never use sticky products for locs as it causes build up.

For looser curl patterns or wavy hair you may only need small amounts applied but the same methods for course hair should be utilized.

For straight hair Remedy can be used as a conditioner. Apply to wet hair and leave settle with a shower cap. (Do not over saturate.) Allow 15-30 minutes before rinsing.

Glow sheen can also be used for straight hair type. Use will be similar to a keratin treatment. Spray onto hair shafts and ends. Leave settle with a shower cap for 15- 30 minutes. Rinse thorougly! Glow sheen leaves hair shiny and revitalized!

The comment section is open for any other questions regarding products!

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