Snacks 😊

I’ve grown to understand the power of snacks. Adults love snacks! Kids love snacks! Women and children love snaaaaacccccccks! When I hear the word snack that’s how I hear it. Snaaaaaacccccccccck! We have been snacking more lately at home indefinitely ! I put together a healthy snack list of ideas for the snaaaaaaaaccccccck lovers!

  1. Apple Slices & Caramel Dipping Sauce

Schnucks had organic Gala apples on sale this past week. Of course I purchased a bag. $5.99 for organic apples ….. Why not?

2. Celery sticks and Peanut Butter

Vitamin A and Protein!

3. Tortilla Chips and Salsa

I tried gluten -free restaurant style tortilla chips a few weeks ago and they tasted so guilt free!

4. Pretzels & Cheese

5. Nut Mix

I like to make my own with an assortment of nuts ( cashews , peanuts , almonds , raisins , and chocolate candies. )

* FYI Cashews help fight depression by boosting seratonin levels naturally!

6. Fresh Fruit Bowl

Mix your own fruits!

7. Whole Wheat Crackers & Real Cheddar Cheese

Did you know that cheese is a source of protein!

8. Yogurt & Granola

There are different types of yogurt now on the market that do not contain dairy!

Hint , Hint , try something new!

Author: naturalhairdoctor

Yoga. Nature Enthusiast. All things NATURAL! Seeker of Art in All Forms...

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