Freakish 🧟

Freakish Promo via Google

Sooooooo that’s it , huh? Just two seasons?

See I’m sick of Nextflix and Hulu playing take backs on everything good! I’m too childish to watch The Walking Dead so I enjoyed this lil teen spin off deal!

Bring it baaaaaack! Pa Favor! This web series as they call it was released in 2016 so I’m late but it’s whatever πŸ₯΄

I loved it! Very entertaining and binge worthy with Liza Koshy (YouTube and more) , Melvin Gregg (Snowfall and more) , and Jordan Calloway (Black Lightening and more) just to name a few of the cast members. Like I’m just finding out about it and I’m disappointed in the ending. So sad to only have two seasons. So the next time you see me and I look like I lost my dog. Please mind your business 😭😭😭🦢 shoot 🦢 shoot 🦢 shoot! Yes I’m crying and stomping my feet !

Let’s start a campaign for Hulu to bring it back! Who’s down for the cause ?

We ride out at midnight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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