Air Fried / Baked Roasted Red Pots

Baked potatoes are delicious but become boring. Mashed potatoes a classic! But soooo repetitive! I wanted a vegetarian meal a few nights ago which ended up simply salad and Italian herb roasted red potatoes.

They were simple to make and very easy on my body! I loved red potatoes already so no surprise I was satisfied! They taste clean and natural. Yellow potatoes aren’t bad either but if I had to choose ……. RED POTATOES for the win!

Follow me! Air fryer or conventional oven can be used. Air fryer at 200° for 15 minute intervals cooked until preferred texture. Conventional oven 300° in a pan coated with vegetable oil or non stick spray. Be sure to season potatoes before cooking! Potatoes must be covered for portion of the cook time in the conventional oven. Otherwise they won’t soften.

Air – Fried Roasted Red Potatoes ☺️


Red potatoes (cleaned) completely skinned is optional.


Non stick cooking spray



Italian Herb Seasoning (basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, and thyme)

Once your potatoes are clean. Dice them and season them.

Prepare cooking method air fryer or oven.

Spray air fryer basket with non stick cooking spray. Preheat oven!

Put potatoes in air fryer basket and run fryer for 15 minutes on 200° when time is up you will shake contents around to ensure even cooking is achieved. And start another 15 minute interval. Repeat until done!

Place potatoes on oil coated pan and cover! Cook while periodically checking softness. This can be done using the toothpick method. If you’re not sure what that is about refer to my previous article here . Potatoes should be soft but not baked potato soft. Once potatoes are soft. Covering can be removed and cooking can continue until you have a golden brown crisp skin.

When potatoes are thoroughly cooked coat with butter , add more salt , pepper , and Italian seasoning to taste!

This is a great dish to serve with wine 🍷 😉

A very classy side dish! Muah, Muah , Muah!

Strawberry Smoothie

Lets just clear the air! STRAWBERRY IS HIGH IN VITAMIN C AND FIBER!!!!!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a smoothie when your’e slightly hungry and just need a few calories. Often , I wake up and I’m just not in need of a bunch of calories to get my day started. A smoothie is usually my quick go to!

Measurements will always vary depending on the quantity seeking to be dispersed.

2 cups of frozen Strawberries

1 cup of yogurt ( this does not have to be dairy yogurt)

1 cup of Milk ( does not have to be dairy milk) almond milk , cashew milk , goat milk , etc. are substitutes. Milk can be added until preferred consistency is reached.



Agave Syrup


This recipe can also be made water based. Follow recipe minus the milk additives ( milk and yogurt). Add water until preferred consistency is reached. Add sweetener to taste.

Smoothies are very convenient and delicious! You can add other fruits, oats, and greens! Go Wild! 🍓🍓🍓🍶